Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
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Meet Our Patients
The Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt is the most comprehensive children's hospital in Tennessee. Our patients travel from all over the region and beyond to receive the best, family-centered care. Each child we treat is very special and they have important stories to tell. Click below to get to know some of our patients.
Meet Braden

At 6 feet 5 inches, Braden Parsons was made to play basketball. Sidelined temporarily by hydrocephalus, an innovative neurosurgery performed at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt helped him get back on the court.

Meet CJ

CJ Jackson, 11, is a mighty warrior fighting cancer, and he's getting a little help from some special friends, the Nashville Predators.

Meet Cici

Cici Collins has anaplastic ependymoma, a tumor of the central nervous system. Thanks to her care team, Cici is looking forward to spending less time at the hospital and more time making art, singing and riding horses.

Meet Bryson

Bryson Randolph, a straight A honor student, had to take a course he never intended to take: chemotherapy to fight his leukemia.

Meet Colin

Thanks to attentive primary care, Colin Vaught is on the path to better health and being a gift for his family. 

Meet Sam

Sam Shirley, an active 16 year old in remission from Crohn's disease, is using his first-hand experiences in the hospital and clinics to help improve the patient experience as a member of the Pediatric Advisory Council.

Meet Hannah

Hannah Huth, 15, knows what it's like to be cooped up in a hospital room. She's working to bring a little joy and fun to patients' in the hospital.

Meet Rebekah

Rebekah Faulkner, a high school basketball player, doesn’t remember much about colliding with a rival player during a training camp game early this summer.

Meet Albi

Albi-Helene Martin was born with transposition of the great arteries (TGA). A series of events would lead her family across the Pacific Ocean, separate a father from his wife and daughter for nearly a year.

Meet Eliot

Eliot was born with hydrocephalus, which can affect any person at any age. It's as common as Down syndrome at birth, not many people know about it.

Meet Preston

For 20 years, Children's Hospital has been like home to Preston Edmonson.

Meet Jackson

Like many families, the Cravens never saw diabetes coming.

Meet Luke

Luke Jenkins was born premature at 35 weeks with an irregular heartbeat that he almost didn't survive. Today, he's a healthy, active 7-year-old and has starred in a television commercial

Meet Zoe

Zoe Lovell is not letting spina bifida slow her down.

Meet Bryson

Bryson Storey, 2, is alive, in part, because of life-saving techniques by the Angel Neonatal Transport Team.

Meet Brandon

Hampered by scoliosis, Brandon Jolly, 14, wore a halo device leading up to spinal fusion surgery - and in the process, he became a mentor to other younger patients.

Meet Jordyn

Jordyn Fletcher, 4, was run over by a lawnmower in April, losing most of her right hand as well as portions of her right foot and right leg calve. She almost didn't survive.

Meet Nate

Nate Nowicki went to an eye doctor four years ago for spots in his line of vision. A month later he was having brain surgery. Now 15, Nate is an active, healthy and happy teen.

Meet Witt

Witt Deane's first months of life were a roller coaster ride for his parents who lived minute by minute, enjoying their baby boy. His survival was uncertain. Witt celebrated his first birthday April 6.

Meet Anna

Anna Raney has rare genetic disorder that caused three tumors to grow in her brain.

Meet Zakia

Zakia was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia when she was 2 weeks old.

Meet Marshall

Marshall Billingsley is fighting cancer with a smile.

Meet Katie

Katie Roy has a rare metabolic disorder, cystinosis, that is known to affect only about 2,000 people worldwide.

Meet Josie

Josie fought to survive her first three months of life.

Meet Hannah

At 16, Hannah has already started college, despite a childhood of hospital visits.

Meet Ella

LifeFlight nurses worried she might not survive the trip to Vanderbilt.

Meet Janel

Janel had seizures during her first month of life.

Meet Lindsay

A go-kart crash left Lindsay with severe internal injuries, but she is back to perfect health after multiple surgeries.

Meet Tori

With her delicate features, curly blonde hair and big hazel eyes, Tori Church looks like a pint-sized version of the Disney princesses she adores.

Meet Greyson

Greyson is a healthy 11 month old now, but he spent 102 days in the NICU at Children's Hospital after being born 15 weeks premature.

Meet Connor

Connor traveled all the way from California to get his epilepsy under control. 

Meet Beau

When he was just a few weeks old, Beau was diagnosed with a serious cranial defect.

Meet Chelsea

Chelsea was the first patient to be treated by ECMO at Children's Hospital.

Meet Camille

Camille is back to playing volleyball after battling a rare bone cancer.

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