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Cardiac Anesthesiology

Our cardiac surgery patients are cared for by an anesthesia care team made up of a very specialized group of anesthesia doctors and anesthesia nurses. The anesthesia team acts as a lifeguard who continuously and vigilantly surveys the environment, does what is necessary to prevent problems, and responds appropriately when problems arise.

Members of the anesthesia team will be in the operating room with the patient during the entire surgery. One of the team's most important jobs is to provide continuous monitoring of the patient's vital functions, medical conditions, and level of consciousness during surgery. Other jobs of the anesthesia team include placement of monitoring lines and other devices, administration of drugs to maintain anesthesia, administration of blood products and other fluids, and control of the patient's surroundings (comfort, temperature, position, etc). Generally speaking, any care of the patient that is not surgery falls to the anesthesia team. 
Our Team
Our highly trained cardiac anesthesia team treats each patient as they would treat their own child.

Cardiac AnesthesiologistsPediatric Cardiac Anesthesiologists
The anesthesiologistis the doctor responsible for the anesthesia care. Anesthesiologists undergo a four-year training program after medical school. Additionally, the anesthesiologists on our staff who care for cardiac surgery patients also complete another year of cardiac anesthesia fellowship, with concentration in the area of pediatric cardiac care. All of our anesthesiologists are board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology, with several years of experience in caring for children with heart disease. Meet our pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists.

Pediatric Cardiac Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)
The anesthesiologist is often assisted by a nurse anesthetist, a skilled registered nurse who has been trained in anesthesia delivery and pharmacology. Nurse anesthetists are carefully selected for their training, and undergo a two-year program of concentrated study in anesthesia. At Children's Hospital, we select from a motivated group of nurse anesthetists and provide them with additional closely supervised training in pediatric cardiac anesthesia before they join our team. Meet our cardiac CRNAs

Family Resources and Frequently Asked Questions 
For more information about what to expect if your child is undergoing anesthesia, answers to common questions, and related links, please visit our Family Resources and Frequently Asked Questions page.

Last Edited: July 24, 2014