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Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
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Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program


If you're a teen with a cancer diagnosis, you may be wondering what you did to get this disease. You didn’t do a thing. Most cancers in teens have no known cause.

You may also be thinking you're too young for this. We understand what you're going through. We answer the questions you might not know to ask about, such as cure rates, changes in appearance, school issues and having children in the future.

Our program is a partnership between Children's Hospital and Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center. By combining the resources of pediatric and adult cancer specialists, you get the best of both programs. You'll also meet others your age, so you're not alone in dealing with cancer.

Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can be scary words. Understanding how these treatments work and their possible side effects may remove some fear of the unknown. Learn more about what to expect from your treatment.

Our goal is helping you get back to a normal pattern of life as soon as possible. We continue to provide support, including follow-up visits with your oncologist, to ensure the cancer does not return and control the side effects from radiation or chemotherapy.

Our team
Scott Borinstein M.D., Ph.D.
, is a board-certified oncologist who leads our Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program. Dr. Borinstein works closely with the medical team to develop an integrated cancer care plan to deliver top-notch cancer treatment care and a robust psychosocial support plan during and after treatment.

Debra Friedman, M.D., is an internationally recognized expert in cancer survivorship. She leads the REACH Survivorship clinic that cares for cancer survivors after therapy.

Our doctors, nurses, pharmacists and social workers choose to be part of our team because they love helping teens and young adults reach their full potential.

Research and clinical trials
At Vanderbilt, we are pioneering new techniques to treat all types of cancer affecting teens and young adults. You have the option to participate in a clinical trial, which is an investigational cancer treatment being tested in a study. Over the years, the notion of clinical trials has changed. In the past, they were often seen as a last resort. Today, many patients receive their first treatment in a trial. Only you and your doctor can decide if a clinical trial is right for you.

Call (615) 936-1762 for referrals and appointments to the Children's Hospital Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program.

Last Edited: December 12, 2016
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