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Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
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(CARE Team)
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Center for Child Protection and Well-Being
(CARE Team)


We provide medical evaluations when concerns about possible abuse or neglect arise. Our team includes child abuse pediatricians and nurse practitioners who work side-by-side with experienced pediatric social workers.

Child abuse and neglect are much too common and happen in all walks of society. Accurate and timely identification of children suffering from abuse may prevent additional injury, lifelong physical and mental health problems, and possible abuse of other children. Just as important, accurate diagnosis of accidental injuries or mimics of abuse can prevent inappropriate labeling of non-abused children and their caregivers.

Our team works closely with pediatric radiologists, intensive care physicians, orthopedists, and surgeons to arrive at the correct diagnoses and provide guidance to others caring for each child. 

Consultations and evaluations

Many of our patients are evaluated while they are at Children’s Hospital. However, we are expanding our services to include more outpatient consultations.

A typical evaluations lasts about 60 minutes, but can vary depending on the situation. We take a detailed history from the caregivers, investigators, and children. Review of prior medical records may be necessary. Some children may have photographs taken of their injuries and others may require lab work or x-rays.

Concerns about possible child sexual abuse are handled by Our Kids Center, where specialized nurse practitioners, social workers, and our child abuse pediatricians provide assessments for this specific type of child abuse.


We teach medical personnel, investigators, teachers, social workers, and others involved in the care of children how to recognize abuse and neglect. We also provide expert testimony in court or via deposition to explain our findings.

Outpatient consultation

Each case is assessed by one of the physicians to determine the appropriateness of the referral and appointment availability. Referrals or authorizations from primary care providers may be necessary depending upon insurance coverage. Call (615) 936-2427 for consultations.

Last Edited: November 8, 2017
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